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      THE CENTER PARTY   Solutions For A Good Future


This subject is put up front due to its importance at the root of so many social dysfunctions.  The good news is that once we understand the dynamics, we can re-design our neighborhoods for healthy operation, and work our way out of the difficulties of the present state.


As we see serious social problems develop, a great many can be traced to our standard mal-formed neighborhoods, corrupted by commerce and traffic, with separated families, depriving youth (and adults) of the spirit and energy nutrients they need for healthy living, which would preclude descent into unhealthy conditions. Re-forming these neighborhoods, to humanist- not mechanical- formats can begin rebuilding our spirit and happiness. 


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 Chapter 2

Discussion - Causes and Needs
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































Chapter 3
The Solution Direction














Popular control will mean that the affairs of the community, including even the design of the neighborhood school, park, library or community center facility- and commerce location and content- will be led by the residents, according to their own interests and wisdom, in coalition with their pain government [staff] 
The determination of shape and functioning in the community cannot come from exterior developers’ interests, which have long been not the same as those of the residents, nor from government planning department working with those developers.
Representation from those communities needs to inform the constructors and regulators of the basic arrangement and content they prefer, and have found most critical in upgrading the next stage of our residential development.



























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