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A New View of Immigration


The United States and the world will require less mass emigration/immigration in the future, and an increased focus on people improving their home societies, in forms that produce social health, so that people are not forced to flee or escape to free and prosperous societies, for their home societies will be free and prosperous themselves-  all the nations will be- as the proper social formulas are installed.  These systems of good living and happiness may never be installed as long as the option of escape is at hand.  


The normal form of interpersonal exchange between societies should be as between neighbors in a community: visiting, with the return home enhanced by experience, enjoyment and learning, including ideas with which to lift up their own home nation, whenever needed.



Far from being criminals, these folks are some of the best of their countries, with the vision, standards, aspirations and courage to seek a better way of life. The trouble is, bringing them here removes the best energy and vision from those countries.

We get a little new talent, yes, but we are already rich, and they desperately need their best human energy to progress and get healthy.

We may get a feeling of satisfaction in helping 1000 people, but this is disingenuous, or false minded.  For each 1000, 1 million are then left behind, in the country of the immigrant's origin, with out their potential leaders and energizers.  That nation then stagnates, remaining under ill conditions, producing more misery and death, compelling more waves of people desperation, and attempted exit, however dangerous.  Avoiding fixing the society in need is the result of wrongly applied sympathy.

When escape to America becomes their central focus, they are diverted from their real task, which is to fix their own societies.

The way to help them is not to remove their best people, but to allow a secure work and training program here, so they can return home after a year, with earned money, and required education in how democracy works.

If they think America would be a best destination for living in, then they should also see the American system as the basic method of what they need to install at home. It will require adjustments for culture, but not for corruption, tribal conflict or class discrimination, which are major progress blocking problems they need to work through.

We can't have chaos being produced to spread out across the globe. The health and happiness of all societies needs to be our remedy for global violence, including our own urban societies.

Do not speak of Deportation, but of Repatriation. These folks are not stateless, and cannot be spoken of as without rights. They already have citizenship, and are seeking dual rights.

No mass roundups are necessary with workplace ID card checks, and a gradual process of case by case assistance home)



Some of our liberal friends think America should be like a slice of the rest of the world, representing all cultures. We on the conservative side believe that we should protect the unique culture that created our freedom, our steady government and good quality of life.

We have been generous in taking in people of various cultures; their special qualities are represented throughout. Yet we don't want wholesale alteration by non-assimilation or takeover. We are already losing our language identity in some areas .

To experience the widest variety of culture , one can travel to all lands and societies. The United States itself, we believe, should maintain our traditional lifestyle principles to keep our selves healthy, and be able to help others.


Half of America finds uncontrolled immigration to be upsetting and disturbing. It feels chaotic and unraveling, especially in the midst of so many other technological and social changes swirling around us. We feel we need stability, identity and cultural traditions, and if the principles are sound, we will vote for them.


We want our border control to be humane- with a friendly staff, but firm in the rules, offering immediate relief to the distressed, but with steady enforcement nonetheless, a hospitality staff to escort home, a meal and a ride.


A solid, tall wall would not represent our character and values.  It would look bad, and be very expensive. A nice picket fence is what human residences use, in all friendliness, and is not huge in cost. A friendly fence would have to have more human attendance in the secondary area, but a wall would have to be manned as well.  Both would need electronic monitoring, communication and vehicle readiness. We don't want a guard tower appearance, and it is not needed. Volunteer attendance and observation from good citizens can help, as it does even now. If there has to be a cyclone fence on our side of that, with armed enforcement, that should not be the front presentation. The first view of America should be of a friendly neighbor, expecting normal boundary respect and courtesy.

A wall is inappropriate for America. A fence is entirely acceptable: respectful and courteous. Friends and neighbors the world over have a tradition of normal fence and personal presence at hand, protective when needed; everyone understands this.


Repatriation of illegals, done in a method of humane help, with assistance toward a better future in their homelands, would be the normal expectation.  It can be discussed and even voted on.


We conservatives believe in a world of distinct nations, each with its own secure borders, identity and cultural uniqueness. Overall this become happy variety. If a nation needs help, assistance is sent, especially guidance in operational expertise. Its people are not transferred to another nation, which only avoids the real remedy.


Emma Lazarus' poem of taking in people is beautiful, but the world has changed, and it's realities and needs, are different now.

We are at the end of a phase. We once needed people, and the world needed an ideal. Both of those have now been accomplished.

In the future the nations producing refugees need social solutions, and they need their best citizens to enact them. And we need to preserve our culture, and the system it produced.


Many citizens find uncontrolled immigration to be very disturbing. Temporary asylum, especially for women and children, is different.


Citizenship, not physical presence, should be the standard of birth nationality.


To help other societies, certain of their people in need may come to visit, learning how democracy works, building their knowledge and money, with which to return home, and help their 20, 30, 100 million fellow citizens and whole society improve.


We do not want to indulge in surface gratification of false "help", or in our enrichment at less well-off nations' -or the world's- expense. They need their best people at home, to build better systems in their societies. If they need help, in education, a short period of work for funds take back, that is where we could best help- not in draining off their best people.


It is a false idea of helping the world to bring here a 100 or 1000 people, while 1 million or 10 million are left behind in the home country, without their potential leaders, so that nation stagnates, and produces more ill conditions that compel more people to leave- a bad cycle. A good cycle is a secure work and training program, for a rotation of their upward looking citizens, dedicated to freedom and equal rights, to return home with the tools of uplift- including money and skills for building and education in how democracy works.

These are fine people, some of their countries' best, with the vision, aspirations and courage to seek a better way of life. Importing them here permanently removes the best energy and vision from those countries.


Feel-good self indulgence actually makes the problem worse. Bringing people here permanently from societies in need bleeds off the best of their powers, consigning them to deeper prison of more permanent social malfunction. The last thing people around the world wishing for a better life need is a big loss of their talent and energy. We get richer, yes, but they desperately need their best human energy to progress and get healthy.


This is a new position, and upward change for improvement. We are always looking for better new ideas.


Provided by Philbrook Consulting, 2-18-2016



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