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Drugs/Substance Abuse

Our difficulties with addictions, including epidemics of heroin and meth, remain unsolved because we have apparently not yet recognized the cause or accelerant- mal-designed neighborhoods, parks and schools infrastructure, creating spirit nutrience deficiency for residents: anti-human designs that remove interpersonal fun and fulfillment, generating the desire for alternative, artificial stimulation, even though of destructive kinds.  


When health returns, it will be like childhood engagement in games and projects- one is usually too interested and enjoying oneself to stop even to eat, let alone ruin a natural composure, full faculty high with any drug depression sidetrack.



2016-7-14 Tech Death
Tech Death: Current State of Decline-  Social Mood, Revolt
("Why are we at war with each other", "What's wrong in America?")

A.  Summary

  The hidden reason that we are killing each other bodily in streets, clubs, churches, theatres, is that the machines that we love for power and fun-  our cars, motorcycles, military planes, video games, factories, football stadiums, freeways, electric guitars, computers- are killing us inside as a way of life, producing inner anger that is exploding with any excuse- religious anger, racism hate, bullying revenge-  the hidden common denominator of mechanical living dissatisfaction.  

      Although other causes feed in- such as global disparity highlighted daily to all by immediate personal media, ancient tribal and religious emnities, deeply felt injustices of several kinds, plus weapons technology,  the overarching common denominator of this new phenomenon of international shooters and bombers, is having their different, but equally bitter resentment grievances activated from one to another by the experience of living in modern de-personalized assembly line format, from16 year-olds in giant factory schools killing their classmates to self-marginalized religionists in machine-mode surroundings killing the people they dine with to  hyper-mechanized media worlds magnifying, igniting the ancient, racist brain fuel in Dylann Roof.
    #1 example: A nice suburban street of homes- neat, clean and prosperous plenty- yet the families and individuals are divided.  In this modern format are no more daily neighborhood gatherings, projects, songs, happiness. The homes are arranged in rows of squares, like machine product on an assembly line- the vehicle routes running between them the conveyor belt.  We've shaped ourselves like a factory, and it's very efficient, but not good for our spirit or being.  We've forgotten- or never realized, that machines anti-life" in method- repeated sameness-  dragging us down in spirit, inch by inch like a heavy weight, or quicksand.  

     All these killings are just the blood and spectacle points of a vast, generational social decline, the frustrations expressed representing lesser degrees of the same in wide swaths of the population, despite the individual case excuse or ostensible orientation, an inner upset at lack of inner enjoyment, fulfillment, restorative fun. This rage is so deep and , from anti-wall street marches to anti-racism marches to conservative movements to throw out the current system, that it represents near mutiny, where normal respected authority is suddenly seen as enemical, and a just object of physical opposition.  People's lives are not getting better, unhappiness is reaching the sourness stage, where life is thrown away rather than continue slogging downhill.  A look at our music, representing our soul and spirit's condition over the past 50 or 60 years' installation of pan-social mechanical method, going from openly happy songs to misery music of today, tells us the root cause of disaffection in the midst of physical plenty.  

    We've not learned this connection yet, even as it took us 200 years to learn the vital physical health connection of the hidden ingredient Vitamin C - a ridiculous notion, that the absence of this little ingredient could kill whole, big strong men- impossible. 


* "antilife" : 

                      The scale of life goes up together with variability.  The more variables present in behavior, awareness and activities-  the higher is the life form- from worm to insect to bird to chipmunk to human.  The opposite direction is against life, or anti-life, and that is the realm of the machine, where the less variables there are the better the machine- variables are flaws, defects- perfection is zero differences in subject/product.  

    So with our machine mode modern environments we have put the most variable organism of all, a human being or human family, which needs all the variety of nature and people and their creative activities all around them all the time, into a "box" of variability desert- the mechanical factory and office, the big factory school, the assembly line vehicle route, the machine mode residential area of suburb or condo land.  After puting lives in life, or spirit-killing conditions, we wonder why there is social disfunction of massive and growing proportions.
    Yes, there has long been violence, and divorce, and abuse, and a few drug traditions, but not the fundamental, pan-social rebellion of virtual mutiny against authority and the basic social process foundation did not come from poverty or far worse racism or war defeats- only from conditions where one's human life is judged meaningless- as it is to a machine.
    Existence in machine-land is quite a bit less damaging to the adults, yes, as they are more used to it, and grew up in it, and were formed to the comparitively nutrient supply-rich earlier forms of the mechanical society.  In the 40-s and 50-s there was still some family atmosphere and fun remaining around the homes- there were picnics between resident families, and trips, and card games, and even dances.  Then came the new vehicle traffic between the homes, wrecking the gathering, connection and fun areas of all human times previous- our very sustenance- then the now-necessary substitute-for-life, the TV in every home, and those bonds of humor and stories and all culture were ripped out, and began the steep decline in life joy in our society.  
    The sometimes divorce and drinking canyons of many of the adult generations were nothing compared to the free fall through space plummet of children formed to their core, from toddler-time, in the more advanced,  life-vacuuming social methods of the latest decades.  Without inter-family activities, their joy ration was pared to nothing, only a faint half-life of a half-life of cartoons on tv, then a thousand rides on a school bus of anonymity, fear and withdrawal.  
    When the children were, and are, thrown out into machine-land at the age of 6 or 9, they find a social desert of isolation, a human mortuary of commerce and technology-  and we must concentrate on the most susceptible individuals- they are the ones picking up the guns. 

    From the 40-s and 5-s health designs remain few or none of the game or play areas right by the homes, or positive home area projects of gardening, animals, boatbuilding or music.  Now traffic is roaring through them, and parks or activities have become artificial car trips away, scheduling spirit-killers.  

    Feeling alone in anonymous artificial surroundings, it is drugs- or violence to self or others, that become the only remaining diversion from mathematially boring streets and absent parents.  The anonymous surroundings- neighborhoods with traffic running between them, with no boundaries or identity- have allowed predators the freedom to invade; gone is the safety of home or one's person- even the wonderful youth bicycle adventures have had to end.

    Gradually the joy of life has been taken out- seeming far too inefficient to machine-indoctrinated government infrastructure planners, and private developers with tight space and profit goals, and so the youngsters' spirits plummeted to hard metal rock levels, and then down to Grunge, and god forbid anything lower or more unhappy.
    Have we heard that an older generation doesn't like a younger generation's music? This never used to be- the generations were One, producing a steady enjoyment of unity culture, from outdoor activities to music and dance.  

    Then rapidly changing technology- allowed too close into our lives- began separating groups in time and realities.  Rock was shock to adults then, a harsh, battering, hammering noise to spirits formed to spacious ballads and happy polkas and free singing on ski trips or hayrides, or hometown quartets singing of beauty in people and nature- all gone now, kids walking in isolation  of hoodies and headphones, armor plated against mech-tech environmental assault noise: traffic, leafblowers, airplanes, commercials- even in childhood adopting new ninja turtle heroes in armor plating, and similarly insulated dinosaur figures, and various hooded, closed off isolated heroes from Batman to X-Men, instead of open, happy cowboy hat hero fellows singing to nature.
    When they are thrown into the commerce-technology/strangers-and-money values world during their adolescent stages, many feel they are alone among strangers, and for the more vulnerable ones, anger or depression withdrawal take over.
    To remake the neighborhoods, schools and living areas, including transportation, into human-oriented places again, putting technology into the place it belongs of serving, not leading our living ways, will be the beginning of our return from social chaos and upsetting uncertainty to stability, good feeling and enjoyment.




Don't like the music of the youth?  It is the exact reaction to the inhuman, zero-happiness environment that you- Mr. and Mrs. Machine adulant believer- have dumbly built that does't work with children's well-being.  You made places to live without local schools or close ample parks or community centers, gardens or music festivals.




Each level down in the inner enjoyment factor, responding to the latest technology invasion, from telephone and record player to radio to TV to computers, each take away more living life, which is where all fun comes from.












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