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Clean Government

Clean government means fair and honest, according to our laws and ideals.


Corruption in dictatorships and absolute monarchies is considered normal and even acceptable, including the creation of different classes for people.


In democracy, however, we aspire to and expect the people's rule of equal rights to include equal governmental treatment of each and all.  


Yet the age-old forces of favor, greed and dishonesty have worked their way even into the sacred hall of democracy we have created.  In advanced societies this is troublesome and limiting, but in developing countries' democracies it can be absolutely crippling and fatal, turning democracy into a mere sham.


Democracy is the embodiment of family values in government, based on the sharing of rights, and some benefits, according to an equal value between persons, from voting to schooing to roads to defense, etc.


The way to correct the wrongful bonding between special interests and the ruling process is to install a mechanism of force, outside of normal channels, in order to apply the people's will onto elected officials, so that they will be dissuaded from obeying those special interests and persons, or creating laws that favor them.


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