THE CENTER PARTY Solutions For A Good Future
      THE CENTER PARTY   Solutions For A Good Future

Arms of the People

The People's will is the guide of the Center Party.


The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is in the sacred Constitution, alterable only by the Will of the People.


At present the People allow controls of the possession and usage of firearms and weaponry in certain localities and jurisdictions.  Even early arms rights experts and advocates, such as Wyatt Earp, said "check your guns when entering town", recognizing the reality that a high density congregation of arms, without need, combined with incendiary situations and substances, simply created too much death and destruction for civilization and society's peace and happiness to exist.


The American People are currently debating limitations of semi-automatic weapons and terror watchlist disqualification. They will duly rule.  



The Founder's preference is, for the present, to:


1.  Not ban semi-automatic weapons, as they may provide reasonable defense of home, and in addition, are uncontrollable.


2.  Limit arms sales to Terror Watch List subjects.  People erroneously on this list likely have no immediate need of advanced armament, yet the public stands vulnerable to correctly identified Terrorist individuals and groups.



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