THE CENTER PARTY Solutions For A Good Future
      THE CENTER PARTY   Solutions For A Good Future

Guiding Principles



We appreciate and thank the two sides of our political spectrum- the conservative and the liberal- for their wisdom and understanding in the different areas of our society.  Through our learning in these wide-angle experiences and views, we can come up with solutions that really work.




We have a unique culture of freedom.  It has brought millions from serfdom to liberty and happiness.  We rose in steps out of the ancient cultures of obedience to masters to the society of individual authority and choice in ideas and action. That culture needs to be protected, empowered and expanded, through example and assistance to those still struggling toward freedom.




Everyone has to have a stake in the outcome of our liberty, workers in every realm and level sharing in the egalitarian benefits.  We began with principles of equality, democracy and the family, coupled with individual rights and enterprise.  These have built our strength and well-being, a formula that can work for all people.




Real respect and love for others simply becomes equality, through the power of caring.  We are led by "all God'children are of equal worth and value".   In the family circle, each person has one plate and each adult has one vote.  All receive their due according to effort, and there is no boss on top.  

    We have private wealth empires, and that is natural, but even more, in democracy, we need everyone's health and happiness.  Empires within must serve, as much as use, the society and people- putting back in equal measure.  









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