THE CENTER PARTY Solutions For A Good Future
      THE CENTER PARTY   Solutions For A Good Future



                                         Welcome to the Center Party


This organization seeks to unite the best values of both conservative and liberal wisdom.  The two principal parties have lately become quite distant from each other in ideology and policies.  Many citizens wish for a more central leadership view and outlook to guide our nation


From the Left:  Peace to replace war, Caring for Nature and Earth, Economic equity opportunity, family health human values neighborhoods for social health


From the Right:  Jobs, not welfare, Beneficial visiting over immigration, National debt elimination, Taxes and government reduction, Rural/small town lifestyle values.




                                                Our New Future


     Our American Democracy, a miracle of history, hope and rational outlook- stable at center for 250 years- has led in liberating and transforming the world into freedom, and more equal prosperity.

     Presently, however, she has become increasingly divided in outlook and policy, threatening our peace and happiness.  

     As the two major political parties have separated in ideology and purposes, perhaps there is room at the center for a reason-based, balanced viewpoint, to represent a most citizens.  It would be a progressive mainstream outlook, with a strong loyalty to tradition and founding culture, acknowledging the deepest needs of both sides.  

     Our more conservative citizens absolutely require less chaos, change and debt in our society.  Our liberal folk feel strongly that all people be allowed equal opportunity, and that nature and our resources to be kept in long term good health.

     Our essential policies need to balance variety, change and stress with order, stability and peace, and isolationand hurry technology with family and natural living.  A combination of our best values and principles, together with new solution ideas, will bring a higher view, and more successful policies, to raise us above acrimony and gridlock, and restore America's unity, happiness and benefits to all citizens.

     Everyone has to have a stake in the system: in opportunity and the ability to move up, and to energize their home areas into prosperity, and share in new well-being.  

     Unity formulas of reason and family health, building from the neighborhood up, will bring us better living, which can expand into national quality, and new leadership for the world.  When such a community outlook is adopted by all nations, ceasing rule-breaking and provoking, we will finally gain world peace.

     With values of freedom and caring for all people, in communities of order, safety and industry, health and happiness can lift up all of America, and then the world.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Seattle Phil
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                                      AMERICAN CENTER PARTY 
                                               Policy Positions



American Culture

        We have developed a culture of freedom, and we must preserve it. We have cast away the ancient rules of automatic, unquestioning obedience with free speech, the free press, free science, academic inquiry and peaceful dissent, helping to liberate the willing of the world. To fully join our nation is to believe in and adopt the ways of respectful personal freedom, beneficial to all.  

        U.S. world role position: exceptional leadership in democracy, individual freedom, military morality.  Positive exceptionality does not mean license; it requires of its highest leaders even more correct behavior.


Arms- the Right to Keep and Bear.  
        Absolute.  Limited only in scope of use, by Citizens' & States' Rights of will and law, which are also absolute-  and prior:  "We the People" precedes all other words and concepts in the constitution.   See also:  "of the people, by the people, for the people"- Abraham Lincoln                                                                                       . _         Guns are not the cause of wrongful violence.  Unhealthy social conditions are the cause, and not only are they immune to regulations, but a focus on regulations tends to divert attention from the real issue: community, neighborhood and family health and happiness ingredients either properly put in or disastrously left out- from parks to employment to local, home-involvement schools.  See: Neighborhoods

        No National law prohibiting firearms, or revoking the constitution, but symptoms may be managed, as free speech is also absolute but limited.  Eagle advises: terror watch list prohibition yes, assault weapons ban no.


C.A.P. / C.O.P.  (Citizens'  Authority / Oversight Process Polling Panels)   
        The key to reforming improper government operations is a control tool for the citizens to use that is outside the system, but effective in allowing the citizens to correct errors in bureaucracy.  


Clean Government  
        Reduce or eliminate political corruption and undemocratic campaign financing.   Ban/prohibit lobbying, special interests influence or other multiple voting mechanisms.  Use  C.A.P  to cut waste, reduce or stop corruption,  and sizeably reduce bureaucracy, in governments from local to national.  See C.A.P. page.


        Steadily reduce the national debt until our finances are in the black, then start building up our reserves. Start with the removal of excessive and improper government operations.


        Very strong.  Non-provoking.  Less or no unilateral global policing.


Drugs, Gang Violence   
        Develop healthy social formulas to prevent dysfunction causes, esp. new infrastructure designs for living areas.  See: Neighborhoods page.  


Economic Equity  
        Initiatives to allow communities in need to vitalize- from inner city to rural.   Globally, reduce terrorism and tragedy with economic health and political liberation, through new models of democracy, adapted to local culture.  Continue to assist many leading efforts by people and organizations toward relief and development.  
-       Assistance with W.F.C.  See founder's proposal at:


        'Buy American' awareness, American products quality recognition and promotion. Establish patent / innovation centers in every local population center, and skills training programs.  Develop and locate suitable industry to local level & needs.   Lower taxes and unnecessary regulations at all levels.   


        High priority.  Greatest efforts in communities of greatest need.  Smaller, more personal & local / neighborhood schools with greater family involvement.  Reduction of higher education tuition costs, academics not to carry sports


        Protection of water, air, soil the first priority.  Alternative energy sources development.  Clean transportation- see: founder's proposal:  EVIS-  electric vehicle integrated system.  


Foreign Policy     
        Friendship Foreign Policy, fostering more peace directions, taking the position that the world will become a friendlyneighborhood when we start treating it as such.  Very strong defense capability, but non-provoking.   Humanitarian aid to societies in need, international coalition intervention/policing duty.  Reduce US permanent global military occupation. 


         Options OK.  States ought to have the right to stay out of Federal program if they can create their own (or multi-state) superior systems serving citizens equally or better.   


        Restart Villages: Family atomosphere job training and light industry-  re-entry to helpful work. No culture of dependency.  Each person has value and potential to healthful, contributing life.  Minimal amenity rest areas or shelters, plus medical assistance, for the unwilling. No public encampment desecration,  health hazard or disturbance of families, parks or businesses.    Adapted jobs for almost any public funds recipient.


        Very much less.  These are beautiful people, and their homelands need them.  We are robbing, from the very poorest societies, their greatest self-help ingredient- their great people of initiative, who are actively seeking better living.  Instead, we should help their whole society with limited-term employment and education here, followed by assisted repatriation to their homelands, so they can lift up their people and systems.  Humane, friendly assistance to all visitors and work permit holders.          

        Our border should be friendly in appearance, but with a pleasant but firm U.S. property line, or fence, as with our own homes and100% secure, .  No un-American wall, please.  We ought not degrade ourselves for fear's sake.   


        Eliminate aggression, following regional leadership.  With local democracy leaders design new working models for government, established and operated by local culture.  Begin in locations where people are most willing to institute new forms. Assist with resources.  Help protect viable, expanding new social forms of peace and prosperity.  Terrorism can only be eliminated with prosperity and social liberation.


        Noble people of good cause.  Equal rights to lawful lands, possible sharing of vital mutual areas.


Kids/Children's Safety and Health

         Their well-being, and that of their families, is our highest priority. It can most quickly and lastingly be ensured through the reform of our communities and neighborhoods, toward humanist, family-style function, with less traffic and commerce between the homes, and more positive family activities.  See: Neighborhoods page.


        Some of these good people and communities are doing fine, and some need opportunities and means of local health & prosperity.  Certain inner city African American neighborhoods would benefit from revitalization with local land ownership, their own, self-regulated parks, light industry enterprise, cultural pride development.  All minority citizens need full voting rights ensurance.  For Original American communities: ORAM Travelling Arts & Enterprise Program.


        Foster a return to vibrant, human-oriented spirit health for these foundation stones of society, through reform and re-design to resident people's operation- a healthy family and inter-family activity basis under local ownership.  Our home areas need a living culture renaissance, up and away from TV/device "living", reducing motor vehicle traffic between the homes and the consequent current social descent of interpersonal alienation, increasing drugs, divorce and dysfunction.  See: Neighborhoods: Our New Future page.



         Noble people of good cause.  Equal rights to lawful lands, possible sharing of vital mutual areas.


        The Popular Will, through awareness and wisdom, will decide our numbers.  The more people we have, the less space, resources and freedom for each of us, but the more regulation, government, taxes, price increases and social problems. 


Public Safety/Prisons
        Return to days of safe streets, by removing the causes of most crime: bad social conditions, especially in the neighborhoods, which need to become more human in orientation and operation, less mechanical and commercial.  Create high quality living areas with employment, community identity and standards, culture, inclusion and pride, so kids and families stay healthy. See Neighborhoods  

      Prisons:  made more secure.  Permanent work, including public chores, for deliberate scammers.  One or two strikes on predators- not three or a dozen. Reduce unfavorable rehabilition experiments for dangerous offenders.   Longer term separation for physical predators, to be morally allowed by more humane conditions, and paid for by prisoner's skilled in-house employment.  Use citizens' councils, or C.A.P. to prevent predators being put into communities.  Better community conditions will reduce the need for prisons.  Until then, manage the symptoms more effectively. 


        Women's rights and the Law prevail.  Reduce pregnancy termination through adoption facility, family planning and improving social circumstances- starting with neighborhoods redesign (See: Neighborhoods), so that loneliness/depression do not cause poor choices. . 


Social Security      
        Maintain in strength, with increasingly positive operations, until they are in the black.   Secure long term viability through income and outgo adjustments, including cost cutting according to age and wealth.  Our financial security is like our ship- that it not sink is more important than any individual passengers' wealth holdings- and these adjustments are small amounts.  We need to get SS on the right track- permanent solvency.


         To reduce and limit taxes, reduce governmental expenses as much as possible, starting with serious reductions of waste & inefficiency- esp. hugely overgrown bureaucracies and departments, special interest L&L (License & Loopholes) etc.; outgoing payments to by-choice non-workers.  Provide adapted jobs to all healthy persons in need who are able to be productive and contributing.  Use C.A.P  to move Congress/Legislatures.  See: C.A.P. 


        Manage use for health.  Limit or control, by family wisdom, to allow benefits without damaging natural well-being, especially of youth, and of family unity and community health.  Reverse current technology excess "slow social poison" by increasing living interfamily culture in re-designed, renaissance neighborhoods of live interactivity: traffic out, tv limited, with parent-supervised positive activities.  See Neighborhoods page.


         Our school shootings, and domestic and global political terrorism often have the same cause- sick social conditions that breed rage and hate- from isolating mechanical schools and suburbs to backward-culture poverty and humiliation.                   We need to hold off and suppress violence while fostering new social health, from suburbs to inner cities to failed world states.   Using new social living area ingredients and arrangement models, at home and abroad, to reduce or eliminate high levels of anger and alienation.  With industry, jobs, education and culture renaissance, health will follow.


Womens' Rights
        Equality in every respect, with extra credit for generations of fully caring for us.


World Peace
        Achieve through International Law and multinational, rotation-duty armed policing.





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